Sool J to collaboration with unknown Rainbow member for upcoming release, “Oppa ya”

Rapper Sool J of Freestyle Town will be teaming up with a member of DSP Media’s girl group Rainbow, announced in an image teaser shared on December 23rd.

Whether the collaboration track is a single or even an album has yet to be shared, but it is known that the release will be published on December 30th at noon KST. According to the SNS post, which reads, “[D-7]Who’s That Girl? #SoolJ(@OKAYSOOLJ) #Rainbow(@RAINBOW_1114) #OppaYa 2014.12.30.Coming Soon!”

With the teaser published, there’s no doubt fans are excited for the upcoming release as Rainbow has not been seen in the music industry since Rainbow BLAXX. Fans have already taken to guessing who the member will be joining the collaboration, most pointing to member Seungah.

Check out the teaser below!