Sool J and Rainbow’s Hyunyoung release “Honey” MV

On December 30th, Sool J and Rainbow’s Hyunyoung released the official music video for their sweet collaboration track, “Honey.”

The mood and style of the music video were hinted through a music video teaser released earlier. Now, fans can see the entire story between the two characters in the full music video.

Continuing the use of hand-drawn and computer animated graphics, the music video of “Honey” uses figures of the couple and hearts as they stroll through a tropical setting. The focus on the video is also on the lyrics which are displayed in large block characters in the middle of the screen.

The song describes an indifferent but loving boyfriend and a cute, sweet girlfriend from the Gyeongsang Province. Sool J’s quirky but genuine rap fit with Hyunyoung’s soft and relaxing vocals in this adorable, romantic confession of love.

The tune is composed by producer Cosmic Sound is known for also penning San E and Raina’s “A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness” and Kang Minhee and Kanto’s “Call Me Noona.” The lyrics were written by the Freestyle Town leader Sool J himself.

Check out the animated music video here: