Soul Dive says happy birthday with new “H.B.D” MV

Korean hip hop group and Show Me The Money 2 winner Soul Dive has released the music video for their track “H.B.D” off the new album, SIN.

After making their first comeback in a year and a half in December 2014, Soul Dive continues to promote their new album with the release of a new music video. Compared to their last “SIN” music video, which was a mellow and emotional rap track, “H.B.D” is a definite party-starter with its upbeat tempo, hard beat, and bold rapping.

The music video features members Nuck, Zito, and D.Theo in a mix of stylish videography and daring CGI. The track and video are a step away from some of their previous work, such as their 2013 hit “NIGHT IS YOUNG.” Soul Dive’s usual songs are slower-paced, and often blend soul and rap genres. This time, “H.B.D” offers a refreshing and fun side of Soul Dive that many viewers may have never seen before.

Check out “H.B.D” by Soul Dive below!