South Korea ranked last in perceived social network support

In a recent report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development OECD), South Korea ranked last in the Perceived Social Network Support category.According to the report, in which participants were merely asked “How’s life,” residents of South Korea ranked last in terms of satisfaction when compared to all the other countries that are also part of the OECD. A translation of the report can be found below:

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According to 2013 data from the OECD, the average income for a family in South Korea was 20,270 USD, which ranked 20th out of 29 countries. However, of all the countries, Korean children spent the least amount of time with their parents. While the OECD average was recorded at 151 minutes per day (47 of which spent with their father), South Korean children only averaged about 48 minutes with their parents, and only 3 of which was with their father. 

Academically, South Korea ranked incredibly well, with students earning second place in overall reading comprehension, and first place in computer-based problem solving. However, the average volunteer work in the past twelve months among Korean citizens ranked third to last out of all the OECD members. 

Because people are so busy focusing on their own busy lives, they suffer from a loss of social support.

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[+ 5109, – 119] Friends really only last till you get out of college. You drift apart when making a living takes a toll on you. It’s not on purpose but you become so busy that it happens.

[+ 3944, – 92] I’m in my late 30s and I was so close to my friends I couldn’t live with out them…but now we barely talk. The only messages are Kakaotalk game invites…

[+3665, – 124] In Korea if you have no money = no friends, no marriage, no hope in life…ㅋ

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