Netizens are amazed at resemblance among Soyou, sister, and mother

Last holiday season, SISTAR’s Soyou shared an image of a date with her sister and mother on her personal Instagram account.

Although her caption includes a cute apology to her older brother and father who do not appear to be included in this ladies’ date, the photo shows Soyou, her sister, and their mother enjoying each other’s company.

Soyou donned a wide-brimmed black fedora with a patterned sweater. Her mother and sister were dressed in themes of black. Netizens commented on how similar the women look, stating that the three look like a family with just a glance. In particular, facial features such as eyes and noses appear to be exactly the same among all three. What an adorable family!

Check out the image here:

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Source: Newsen