Speculations of Dongwoon’s solo debut arise following performance in Japan

BEAST’s youngest member Dongwoon was spotted performing on the streets of Japan, inviting curiosity among fans as to why he was there alone.

According to witnesses on site, Dongwoon sang two Japanese songs, chatted, and even took selcas with fans on the evening of May 16th in Shibuya, Japan. Dongwoon’s performance on the streets was not included as an official schedule on the group’s Daum fan cafe.

While fellow BEAST member Hyunseung is currently promoting with his debut track “Ma First” on music shows, rumors have arisen that Dongwoon is preparing for his solo debut as well. However, many find the rumor unfounded as he could just be promoting for BEAST’s 10-month project, where they release a Japanese track every month. The group has unveiled three songs up till now, namely “One,” “Hands Up,” and “Can’t Wait To Love You.”

With Dongwoon’s street performance filmed using professional equipment as shown in the video below, one possibility could be that it will be used for the next Japanese release. Furthermore, Hyunseung has hinted a group comeback this summer.

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