[★SPOTLIGHT] Boys Republic

In the Korean showbiz, groups showing their best sounds and skills every single day is nothing new, but with all of these debuts, some are certain to be pushed away in favor for others. In light of their recent comeback, this SPOTLIGHT’s dedicated to five member boy group Boys Republic.

Boys Republic is a five member group consisting out of leader and main vocalist Onejunn (’88), Sunwoo (’92), rappers and dancers Sungjun (’92) and Minsu (’93), and lead vocalist maknae Suwoong (’95). Some of the members are known to have received training under various labels before coming together to form Boys Republic under Universal Music. Member Sunwoo used to be a member of YYJ Entertainment’s Touch which debuted in 2010, while Suwoong and Sungjun were Big Hit Entertainment and JYP Entertainment trainees respectively.

A few months before their actual debut, the five member group was revealed to have been chosen as official PR for Jeju Air. To commemorate the endorsement, Boys Republic recorded a song called “Orange Sky,” which was revealed to have been played on Jeju Air flights and commercials.

Boys Republic debuted in 2013 as a collaboration between Universal Music and Happy Tribe Entertainment. Alongside the release of their first title track, upbeat dance song “Party Rock,” the group took part in eight episodes of SBS MTV’s “Rookie King” series.

After various performances in both Korea and Japan, the group disappeared from the music scene, only to return just a few months later with the release of their first mini album “IDENTITY”. Title song “You are Special” got the attention for its composition, switching between strong verses and bridges, to a more upbeat and light chorus as the song went on.

For 2014, the boy group promises a three part release in the form of a “Fantasy Trilogy.” Going on a quest to “make the dreams and fantasies of fans come true,” Boys Republic planned a 180 degree transformation. With a set concept, the first part came as soon as February, and the boys were seen posing as their favorite superheroes for its teaser pictures.

“Video Game,” was officially released as a digital single in February, while the second song, “Dress Up,” came a few months later, in July. While the first part of the trilogy took the boys through game levels trying to win the hearts of girls, the second release showed their eyes focused only on their girlfriends, as if not being able to live without love from their significant other. Earlier this week, the final part of the trilogy was revealed with the release of a mini album called “Real Talk” on November 12th. The music video for lead track “The Real One” pits two different sides of the boys together, making the fans wonder which one of both groups is the real Boys Republic.

Throughout 2014, the group’s members have been able to guest a series of variety shows such as Arirang’s “After School Club,” Mnet’s “Idol Battle,” MBC Music’s “All that Kpop,” and many more. Member Sungjun also appeared as a contestant in MBC’s “Idol Dance Battle D-Style.”


  • “Party Rock” Digital Single (June 5th)
  • “You are Special” from IDENTITY Mini Album (October 8th)


  • “Video Game” Digital Single (February 20th)
  • “Dress Up” Digital Single (July 25th)
  • “The Real One” from Real Talk Mini Album (November 12th)