[★FEATURE] Spotted! Top 10 K-idol styles of November – Week 3

With fall almost wrapping up as well, your favorite idols too seem to be dressing up for the winter season, donning more jackets and boots than trendy autumn clothing. Check out our list of your biases’ best upcoming winter fashion, and let us know what you think! 

T-ara Qri [instagram://vT5iKYFOPK]

BAP Zelo [instagram://vVsqLwuX5F]

2PM Jun.K [instagram://vUz7c-mBDn]

SECRET Song Jieun [instagram://vdD60LPo5v]

Seo Inyoung [instagram://vUwQJQoNF-]

HA:TFELT [instagram://vOGxlLsOb4]

Miss A Jia [instagram://vYRSoOCOK2]

Girls’ Generation Sooyoung [instagram://vdO-GiLVnT]

JYJ Jaejoong [instagram://vVmWxmEnh2]

Super Junior-M Henry