[★FEATURE] Spotted! Top 10 K-Idol Styles of November – Week 5

Compared to last week, the final week of November found much of either glamorous or warm fashion in preparation for the winter season. With every photo, idols are seen starting new trends of fashion with just simple (but maybe pricey) pieces of clothing. Check it out below!

4Minute Gayoon [instagram://v-H7CxrjOj]

Simon D [instagram://v-fAYby77t]

Jo Kwon [instagram://v5tXNOyquN]

Jay Park [instagram://v-R3HNsJ4L]

miss A Fei [instagram://v7ZSrNPb4i]

After School Nana [instagram://v98-R6D089]



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Rainbow Noeul [instagram://vShJlKDrAC]

SHINee Key [instagram://v5-Ng0Jg2Z]

miss A Min [instagram://v-9OIVEqyO]