[★FEATURE] Spotted! Top 10 K-Idol Styles of December – Week 2

With more end-of-year awards and special features coming up, idols have been dressing up left and right! Check out our list below and let us know what you think! Be sure to check out last week’s top 10 as well!

*Crush [instagram://wbOw21ySlB]

*2NE1 Minzy [instagram://wgIb3wk5Z9]

*Park Shin Hye [instagram://war1dhvdee]

*Lee Hi [instagram://wQ_Gm-yefc]

*Clara [instagram://wV3bsliIqI]

*INFINITE L [instagram://wSAe2Yo8gF]

*Dok2 [instagram://weNQSmJoZ-]

*SHINee Key [instagram://wY-6VKpgyi]

*2NE1 Dara [instagram://wgfEXyCSxb]

*Gray [instagram://wXmBk0lI6F]

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