[★FEATURE] Spotted! Top 10 K-Idol Styles of December – Week 3

Stage outfits or unique designer sets continue to dominate this week’s Instagram updates, as end-of-year concerts draw near in the latter half of December. Check out our list on how your idols are dressing up near Christmas season!

Girls’ Generation Yuri [instagram://wn0lxZtZDq]

Seo In Young [instagram://wk7na2oNIO]

Kanto [instagram://wvn2zhF2Kg]

Block B Kyung [instagram://wk9WapQwLa]

Girls’ Generation Sooyoung [instagram://wtZES8rVkd]

4Minute [instagram://wymJcSqtr0]

SHINee Key [instagram://wxf-rspg69]

2NE1 Dara [instagram://wmxGkRCS1N] [instagram://wyFRicCS8i]



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