[★FEATURE] Spotted! Top 10 K-Idol Styles of January – Week 2

After welcoming the new year last week, a random variety of unique styles have appeared frequently for this week, so check out our most recent list below!

B1A4 Baro [instagram://xdO_4aoERj]

Mad Clown [instagram://xp3iFCtYkf]

Davichi’s Minkyung [instagram://xisHSWg8HB]

Akdong Musician’s Suhyun [instagram://xhNblVEinl]

miss A’s Suzy [instagram://xitfdmwCyY]

f(x)’s Victoria [instagram://xjxI08TQnG]

SECRET’s Hyosung [instagram://xibOzbTeNf]

miss A’s Min [instagram://xi-0dHEq18] [instagram://xnIKPeEq7E]

Super Junior’s Heechul [instagram://xrhQoPo-WP] [instagram://xt0xYeo-de]

BIGBANG’s Seungri [instagram://xqxW3AvNV_]