SS501’s Kim Hyungjun hints on possible group comeback?

SS501 has been on hiatus for five years, but it seems like member Kim Hyungjun is teasing fans with possibilities of a comeback!

The five-member group promoted their last mini-album Destination in 2010 with “Love Ya” as the title track. Since then, the members have been promoting separately after leaving DSP Media, although the group has never officially announced a disbandment.

The youngest member Hyungjun updated his personal Instagram account on April 12th, sharing a photo possibly taken in the recording studio, with the grand piano in sight and SS501’s albums classily hung on the wall for display too.

His caption, which read “Will be filling up the rest of the spaces soon :)”, adding on to the speculations of a group comeback.

However, it is still unsure whether it is a solo comeback or if all five members will be participating shall it be a group comeback. Hyungjun signed an exclusive contract with CI ENT last month, leading to speculations of a solo comeback. Fans are not eliminating possibilities of a group comeback as Hyungjun reunited with fellow members Heo Youngsaeng and Kim Kyujong to perform at a concert in January.

Kyujong completed his compulsory two-year military service in July 2014, while Youngsaeng is expected to complete his duties in late July 2015. Leader Kim Hyun Joong was recently granted postponement for his enlistment, quoting personal reasons, while it was allegedly confirmed that he will become a father soon with the mother being his ex-girlfriend Choi.