Staff of “Dorihwaga” defend Suzy

In light of miss A’s Suzy facing criticism for failing to explain the synopsis for her upcoming movie Dorihwaga or The Sound of a Flower, the staff for the film defended the singer. 

The JYP Entertainment singer faced heavy scrutiny after she incorrectly summarized the basic plot of her film, with many criticizing the singer for her lack of preparation for promoting the film. However, a staff member from the film rushed to defend Suzy, vouching for her hard work and dedication to the project. A translation of the staff member’s statement can be found below:

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“As someone who worked on the production of this film, I know that [Suzy] worked the hardest out of everyone on the set, and she acted responsibly and cheerfully to a point in which not a single staff member disliked her. Don’t jump to conclusions without knowing anything other than what you’ve been presented with.”

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[+ 697, – 217] This is so true that was the only interview that she made such a mistake. Even during that interview she explained everything else perfectly

[+ 683, – 219] This is so true~~Suzy made mistakes but of course when people are put on the spot they can make mistakes..

[+ 606, – 192] So many twisted people tsk tsk

Source: Kukmin Ilbo