Standing EGG to hold concert for their 5th anniversary

As Standing EGG nears their 5th anniversary, they prepare to celebrate with their fans with a 5th anniversary concert in Seoul.

Indie band Standing EGG debuted in 2010 with their first mini album Standing Egg. Standing EGG combines soft melodies along with acoustic music to produce peaceful and lively tracks. With Clover, Hana, and Hankyul, the members associate themselves as Egg #1, Egg #2, and Egg #3, named after their band name.

In celebration of their 5th anniversary, Standing Egg will be holding their 5th anniversary concert in Seoul. The concert will take place on March 13 and 14 at 7pm at the KEPCO Art Center in Seoul.

The announcement of the date for ticket sales will be made on February 7th.