[★TRENDING] Star Empire Entertainment says ZE:A’s Moon Jun Young will halt all activites

Moon Jun Young of ZE:A , also known as Lee Hoo, surprised the public last month when he took to Twitter to voice his concerns regarding his company, Star Empire Entertainment. Now Star Empire Entertainment has released a statement regarding this issue.

Just one week ago, Moon Jun Young posted a picture on Twitter with a countdown and a proof of his income, stirring more speculation within the public. Now all his SNS communications have been halted, and on October 21st, Star Empire Entertainment released a statement via ZE:A’s fan cafe.

This statement has come after a tumultuous back and forth exchange of conflict and resolutions between ZE:A and Star Empire Entertainment. The official statement reads as follows:

This is Star Empire.

We are writing this entry in order to deliver the facts about the disagreements that occurred between ZE:A’s leader Moon Jun Young and President Shin Ju Hak, last month. First of all, we offer our deepest apologies to the people that have shown love to ZE:A for last month’s events that occurred between Star Empire’s Moon Jun Young, the members, and President Shin Ju Hak. Also, we would like to give you an honest account behind the misunderstandings and rumours between Jun Young and Star Empire Entertainment.

-We think that the motives behind Moon Jun Young’s direct Twitter posts and discord between a company and it’s artists, are not something that only one company has to deal with. Being under Star Empire Entertainment for about 10 years, Moon Jun Young and the members of ZE:A held meetings with the President directly, in order to move forward in a better direction and reach an agreement. However, with the approaching Osaka and Tokyo fan meetings in Japan on September 12th, after the immediate treatment measures of ZE:A member’s Kim Taehyun’s MMA injury were insufficient, the member’s concerns grew vastly. Feeling as if it no longer made sense to communicate with the company, determined leader Moon Jun Young spoke on behalf of his members and took to Twitter to inform the public and get their support for better treatment. It was not a wise decision but for Jun Young it was an inevitable choice. Star Empire Entertainment has come to the realization that we are solely responsible for this matter.

-The day after September 21st, regarding the Twitter post about the misunderstandings being resolved, the ZE:A members and the president met directly and spoke about the misunderstandings and truths about their income and the rights and welfares belonging between a company and its artists, and were able to find solution. Thus Jun Young made the Twitter post where he apologized for causing concern and promised to make it up by performing well on stage. However, the day after the 21st, Jun Young posted on Twitter saying that his apology was more of his company’s perspective than his own. From the company’s perspective, regarding this internal problem, we think we should not cause any further confusion to the public and the netizens. However, as a result, the public’s misunderstandings and speculations about Jun Young grew and as he posted his rebuttal on Twitter again and expressed himself, the public’s resentment grew. We regret that this error in judgment from the company has hurt Jun Young again and that it imprinted unnecessary misunderstandings to the fans. A day was not enough to relieve 10 years of dissatisfaction and unfairness and 140 characters were not enough to express 10 years of hardships.

-Future plans
Current ZE:A leader Moon Jun Young, the rest of the members and President Shin Ju Hak have come up with a new system that takes the members opinions into account and we sincerely apologize for the concern that this matter has caused. Moon Jun Young is reflective and apologetic to the public and all the fans that have given him love this past month and will make an effort to show you a good stage performance in the future. For the sake of these future plans, Moon Jun Young will cease his activities and SNS communications temporarily, so please wait for an improved Moon Jun Young to return. In addition, he lastly asks for you to support the activities of the remaining 8 members. From now on, Star Empire Entertainment will have honest conversations with its artists and continue to work together in order to show the fans a cool image and we will do our best to prevent this kind of situation again.