Starship Entertainment teases fans with new rookie group dance performance video

On December 3rd, Starship Entertainment released a dance practice video titled “Round 1” featuring their rookies from NO MERCY.

The dance performance is a two-in-one video showcasing the rookies dancing to Tyga’s “Hijack.” with a split screen dropped a double dance performance video of rookie group of theirs dancing to American hip hop artist Tyga’s song “Hijack.”

The video was released prior to the premiere of the elimination show by Starship Entertainment and Mnet. Teasing fans with footage of the trainees of the show, this video ups anticipation for the December 11th airing as viewers comment in awe at the boys’ dance moves. The two teams seem to differentiate themselves as the groups are split into those with gloves and those with bandanas.

In both sides of the video, the talented trainees are dressed in all black, allowing the focus to be on their choreography rather than their looks and outfits. In the top video, the boys show off their talents most memorably at the end of the video with a double flip by two of the members.

The bottom video’s dancers uses various stunts to attract attention, such as utilizing the open floor space by lying down. These trainees are filmed wearing black bandanas and snapbacks to match, creating a subtle fashion point for this shooting.

Although the two groups use different choreography, both versions give off a tough and manly vibe.

In related news, Starship Entertainment revealed the music video to the special holiday special, “Love is You.”

Check out the dance video below: