Starship Entertainment under fire for overworking SISTAR’s Soyou

Starship Entertainment is under fire for allegedly maltreating SISTAR’s Soyou after allowing her to continue with her activities despite her back injury. 

In the incident detailed by a netizen through Instiz, Soyou reportedly suffered from a minor back injury after slipping through slippery stage conditions during their performance the 2015 Hallyu Dream Festival. As there was oil not cleaned out prior to their performance along with their metal-lined shoes, Soyou hurt her back but continued with their scheduled performances around South Korea. It was further explained that the group flew to Shanghai, China on September 24th.

The post also highlighted other incidences where Soyou pretended to look bright on camera in-between filming, but had to ask the production to be halted in order to rest and continue filming. Netizens further criticized the agency for allowing Hyorin, Bora and Dasom days off during the holidays, while Soyou continued promotions with her collaboration with 10cm’s Jung Yeol.

Starship Entertainment was briefly able to comment on Soyou’s condition after netizens highlighted the issue after her M! Countdown filming on October 1st. The agency only stated that they are aware of her back condition and pain management but no modifications to her schedule were arranged.

Soyou seen unable to bend her back as far as the other members due to her back pains.

Bora was also able to address the issue to their fans as she asked for their understanding while Soyou continues to take breaks in-between their stages as part of her recovery. The singer was later on seen sitting on the floor backstage while the rest of the members entertained the crowd between performances.

This led to fans to negatively react on the issue as it appeared that the she was unable to manage her condition with their busy schedules especially as photos of her leaning for support towards Dasom circulated online.

At the moment, Starship Entertainment has not issued any statement about these concerns.

Soyou holding on to Dasom on the stage.

Source: Instiz