Starship Entertainment’s upcoming group Monsta X finally gearing up for debut with teaser

May seems to be looking even more competitive than expected, with Starship Entertainment‘s upcoming boy group Monsta X announcing their debut with an image teaser. 

The group, which is made up of survivors from the talent survival show NO.MERCY, released an image teaser with the number 1505XX, indicating that although the date has yet to be determined, they will be having their first release and official debut in May 2015.

1theK’s series Deokspatch, which featured the NO.MERCY trainees, was wildly popular among fans, and there has been speculation that it might be renewed for a second season leading up to Monsta X’s debut.

Despite not having made their debut yet, Monsta X has already proven to be quite popular, scoring their first endorsement deal as models ahead of their debut. Despite their popularity, however, they will still have to compete in a very packed May against releases by popular veteran groups BIGBANG, KARA, and Girls’ Generation.

Make sure to check out the first image teaser for Monsta X’s release below!

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Posted by Monsta X on Thursday, April 16, 2015