Stellar speaks up about the controversy surrounding their explicit album concept

On August 22nd, MBC aired a documentary on Stellar, a relatively unknown girl group who have created a name for themselves due to the explicit nature of their music videos, choreographies and stage outfits.

Stellar‘s Gayoung told viewers, “There are limited numbers of music shows and even less numbers of spots available. Tens of teams are waiting in line for those spots. I feel that we have to do what we can to get people to come watch our music videos and to get them to listen to our songs even one more time”

Jun Yool said, “I think it’s like a performance. We are singers who express things. I think being a singer is a lot like being an actor.”

[+ 6297, – 1263] They have no skills but they want to make it so they take off their clothes should we still let that pass saying they are trying hard.

[+ 5057, – 462] Their last album was sexual concepts and this time it’s begging and sympathy. You should have more confidence and you’ll make it one day

[+ 4633, – 700] These girls look like they’re struggling to make it. It’s not like an already popular group is doing such things for no reason we really shouldn’t criticize them.

[+ 3362, – 99] I feel sad looking at SPICA because they can’t make it and looking at MAMAMOO I feel like these girls are making excuses. I guess you have to be in a big agency or be lucky.

[+ 2766, – 533] They feel like a mixture of girl groups that made it

Source: Xports News

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