Strawberry Milk announces worldwide dance cover contest

Strawberry Milk, the Crayon Pop sub-unit consisting of twins Choa and Way, announced on October 21st via their official Facebook page that they would be holding a dance cover contest titled “Everybody is ‘OK'”.
The duo made their debut with their first mini-album on October 15th, which was well-received. The music video for the title track “OK” has reached over 1.5 million views in just one week, and in response the girls announced that they would be holding a dance cover contest for the song!

Worried about entry restrictions? Often times such contests or sweepstakes are limited to South Korea, but on their Facebook page Strawberry Milk made it very clear that the contest would have no restrictions on age, gender or country! In fact, the rules are even posted in Korean, English, Chinese (both simplified and traditional), and Japanese.

Not comfortable with dancing? Don’t worry, you can enter with a reaction video, or photo, to the original music video as well! The rules and prizes are as follows:

Regardless of age, gender or country, anyone in the world can participate in <Everybody is ‘OK’> event.
Participation Method: Upload “OK” cover dance/parody/reaction, photos or video to <Everybody is “OK”> event page on Strawberry Milk Official

– Participation Period: October 21st, 2014 – November 20th, 2014
– Winner Announcement: November 25th, 2014
– Method of Selecting Winner: Preference of the public (The most “Likes”) + Strawberry Milk’s Choice
– Prizes
1st (1 Winner): Two Autographed CDs + Two Signed Polaroid Photos + Two Hair bands worn by Choa & Way
2nd (5 Winners): Two Autographed CDs + Two Signed Polaroid Photos
3rd (10 Winners): Two Autographed CDs

Want to enter but don’t know the dance? Don’t worry, the twins have also uploaded a dance version of the song with all the choreography laid out for you! So what are you waiting for?


Source: Strawberry Milk