Strawberry Milk releases a BTS look at debut track “OK”

Twins Choa and Way of Crayon Pop recently debuted as a sub unit with their bubblegum-pop song “OK” proving that they are both sweeter than “Strawberry Milk”.

Choa and Way take us behind the scenes of their music video with their sisterly shenanigans.

Although they are extra sweet in front of the camera, the twins show that they are just two sisters enjoying the opportunities they’ve been given, together! The twins show off their unique and cute costumes for their music video as well as the major production sets that they film on. Choa and Way tease each other playfully and show off their fun and down to earth personalities, and they aren’t afraid to show a little aegyo for the camera as well.

Their debut track “OK” was released on October 15th along with their music video that is bursting with pink and cute outfits, with a little “Strawberry Milk” twist!

Check out both videos below! What do you think about the adorable twins and their new subunit?