Sub-unit ZE:A J releases Japanese single “Roulette”

On January 21st, five ZE:A members came together as ZE:A J to release a Japanese single titled Roulette.

Consisting of members KevinDongjun, Minwoo, Heechul, and Taeheon, the sub-unit hopes to bring fans a different image they saw with the full ZE:A group.

The sub-unit’s name stands for Jewel, Joy, Jolly, Justice, and Join, symbolizing also a connection between Japan and Korea.

The single consists of four tracks and an instrumental track – aside from the title track “Roulette,” it includes “With You,” a Japanese version of “ONE,” and “It Was You.” “Roulette” is an upbeat track that allows ZE:A J to show their fun personalities with its circus-y tempo and bold brass instrumentation.

Star Empire shared more on the five-member sub-unit, indicating that “Taeheon is already popular in Japan for his sweetness while Heechul and Dongjun are known for their scuplted looks. Kevin has the image of a gentleman and Minwoo has his cute looks. ZE:A J left for Japan on January 20th and will be promoting there for a week.