Suga raps emotional lyrics in BTS animated comeback trailer

BTS (Bangtan Boys) released the animated teaser for their comeback on April 18th where member Suga rapped his emotional lyrics.

Although the teaser is for BTS’ comeback, the teaser only revealed Suga’s rap, which fans are now speculating that BTS will be releasing individual teasers for each members. As Suga rapped his emotional lyrics, the animated teaser showed a teenage boy playing basketball and running on a track field at school while he later appeared crying.

Throughout the teaser, the teenage boy is seen runaway from school while Suga rapped, “When I come back to my senses, I turn into a scared fool. When I see myself like that, I keep getting scared.” The track that was featured in the teaser seems to be about running away from things that make him sad while he’s trying escape and find happiness.

BTS will be making their comeback on April 29th as they will be releasing their 3rd mini-album.