Sulli and Minho show a battle of cuteness and charisma with airport fashion

As the two “SM Entertainment siblings” headed out to New York Fashion Week 2015, their contrasting yet attractive airport fashion was quick to catch media attention.

The two idols were invited to different shows in the States with Sulli for Tory Burch and SHINee’s Minho for Coach.

Known for their modeling talents and sharp senses of fashion, the two faced off in a battle between cuteness and charisma at the airport.

SHINee’s Minho sported a simple black fashion as a leather coat covered his cheeky green shirt. Black bottoms and white sneakers were a comfy finishing. Meanwhile, Sulli was bright and youthful in her white oversized knitted sweater and floral print dress.




sulli 2

sulli 3


sulli minho
[+ 30, – 7] I really can’t figure Sulli out..

[+ 24, – 4] What is happening…

[+ 16, – 2] I think Sulli has stopped reading comments after netizens chewed her out for causing f(x) to quit their album releases and such…

Source: Dispatch