Sung Si Kyung, Song Ji Hyo, and Gary involved in a love triangle on “Running Man”?

In the latest appearance of Running Man, ballad singer Sung Si Kyung drew attention for showing affection to female cast member and Ace Song Ji Hyo.

In the March 22nd episode of SBS variety show Running Man, the recording featured”wild man” Kim Dong Hyun and “soft man” Sung Si Kyung appear as guests for the episode.

During the episode, the attention was focused around Song Ji Hyo and Sung Si Kyung, as he showed suspicious interactions with her while the rest of the members began to question their relationship. When Song Ji Hyo had a difficult time trying to solve one of the missions, Sung Si Kyung assisted her and gave her subtle hints.

The sight of their interactions caught the attention of fellow cast member Yoo Jae Suk. Bringing laughter to everyone, he joked, “What is this? Are you two meeting each other? From now on, is there a love triangle going on with Gary?”

In reply Sung Si Kyung simply answered, “Move over please.” Accepting his request Yoo Jae Suk left the two with a good-bye.

Over time throughout the recording Sung Si Kyung was said to have adapted to Running Man’s environment, and showed a different side of him to the viewers.

Source: Osen