[★VIDEO] Sung Yu Bin performs a cover of “Blower’s Daughter”

Singer Sung Yu Bin shares with listeners and fans, a live cover of Damien Rice‘s song, “Blower’s Daughter,” on January 31st.

With the help of the dimly lit recording studio to set the mood, Sung Yu Bin performs another cover, and this time it’s Damien Rice’s “Blower’s Daughter.” The singer is seen in the calm studio, passionately singing and showcasing his amazing vocals as he strums along on his guitar. Sung Yu Bin adds his own singing style to the song, but still keeps it similar to the original.

Sung Yu Bin has recently also recreated a rock version of EXID‘s hit song “Up & Down.” Along with his rendition of the song, the singer also talks fans through the whole process of producing the rock cover track. Taking viewers step by step, he explains the overall production process.

Take a listen below!