Sung Yuri and Son Yeon Jae meet for the first time on SBS “Healing Camp”

Singer turned actress Sung Yuri and national gymnastics champion Son Yeon Jae brighten up the set of SBS Healing Camp, as they pose together for dazzling photo.

The two “National Fairies” met for the first time on the set of Healing Camp on October 25th, displaying a surprisingly well-matching chemistry together. Sung Yuri is said to have taken a great liking to the younger athlete, offering her immense support upon hearing Son Yeon Jae’s confession. It is also reported that the interactions between the two kept smiles on the staff’s face for the entire shooting session.

SBS has also released a four-set photo collage of Son Yeon Jae’s bright smile, as she appears to be laughing at something greatly amusing. The photo is a sheer contrast to the confessions and revelations that she is believed to be relaying on the show, with the chance of tears being highly likely.

For those who are keen on listening to the untold stories of Sung Yuri and Son Yeon Jae, their episode of Healing Camp is to be aired on SBS on Ocotber 27th at 11:45pm KST.

Source: Xport News (1 and 2)