Sunny Hill takes fans behind the scenes of “Child in Time”

On February 3rd, Sunny Hill took fans behind the scenes of the recording and filming for “Child in Time” off their latest album, Sunny Blues: Part B.

The group shared two videos and a fun-filled photo set showcasing the hard work and great times they had while creating their latest track for fans to enjoy. The two videos showed both the recording process and music video filming process that went on while the photo album gave fans a good laugh with Sunny Hill’s goofy expressions.

The making of the audio recording introduced fans to the producers behind the track as they praised the group’s sweet vocals while describing the warm and mellow track. On the set of the music video filming, Ju.B shows her awkward charms while acting as the classroom teacher. Despite the howling wind, the cast and crew succeed in filming the video. The three other members are bundled in warm jackets while getting ready for their parts.

Take a peek at their fun times below: