Sunny shares birthday gifts given to her by SM Entertainment

Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny celebrated her 26th birthday recently and shared some of the gifts she received on her SNS accounts, particularly those gifted to her from her agency.

On May 13th, Sunny she wrote on her Twitter, “SM, who is full of love, specially ordered in advanced a celeboratory cake and a champagne of Dom Perignon for my birthday. I’m grateful. A~ing. I shared them with my radio family and we ate it deliciously. Thank you.”

She wrote a similar message on her Instagram as well but shared more details photos of her gifts from her agency, SM Entertainment.

In the photo published, the message on the cake reads, “Sunny-ya~ Love you!!! From all the employees of SM Entertainment. 

Currently, Sunny is a radio DJ for MBC FM4U‘s Sunny FM Dating.

Happy birthday to Sunny!

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Source: X Sports News