[★BREAKING] Sunye officially retires from entertainment industry and Wonder Girls

Sunye has officially confirmed her retirement from the entertainment industry and Wonder Girls, in a new interview with Joongang Ilbo‘s US branch at a non-profit church concert.

In a new interview that has surfaced, Sunye revealed in an exclusive statement, “Return to the entertainment industry? That won’t ever happen!” The article, titled “The emptiness of popularity, I wish to spend my life resolving myself through the gospel and in Jesus,” goes into detail of the artist dedicating her life to missionary work.

In the interview, Sunye reveals that while she has always been religious and has gone to church since she was young, she first discovered her passion and “met Jesus on a deep, personal level” while in New York for their American debut single, “Nobody”.

The artist revealed, “I believed in God ever since I was young when I went to Church with my grandmother, but I hadn’t truly met Jesus on a deep personal level. When I came to U.S.A I had time to myself for the first time since debut and I went to Church every morning for early morning prayer to fill the emptiness in me. This is when I realized that the words in the bible was alive. Even when I reached the top as a singer, I couldn’t fill the emptiness in me, but after I met Christ, my life changed. I realized the “Original Sin” is in living my life for myself and not for Jesus.”

Sunye was discovered in 2001 through SBS Park Jin Young’s young talent project, the challenge of 99%. She spent 6 years as a trainee and debuted in 2007 as a member of Wonder Girls. Wonder Girls reached the top with “Tell Me ” and “So Hot” and continued their activity in New York in 2009 releasing their American debut single “Nobody”.

In January 2013, while in New York, Sunye tied the knot with James Park, a Canadian born Korean who was a missionary and soon gave birth to a daughter in October that year.

Sunye and James met in Haiti where Sunye left for missionary work for the first time in her life. She revealed, “I went to find and feel God on a deeper level. When I was trying to find reason God sent me to Haiti, I saw my husband volunteering. He was praying for everyone there one by one and when it was my turn I got the feeling that this was a ‘preview of our future’. I didn’t know him personally at all but I felt as if he were my husband.” Sunye gave him a note with her e-mail and proposed first after meeting on a regular basis.

Sunye suprised fans in March stating that she will continue missionary work in Haiti for 5 years revealing, “In Haiti I saw tens of lives go out everyday for the most ridiculous reasons and felt that I had to spread the word of the bible as fast as I could. I think god gave me my talent to save lost souls.”

She continued to say, “I enjoyed my life as a singer but I wish to be loved with in Jesus as a daughter and share that love. I plan to seek what is eternal and spend my life spreading the word of god.”

The news comes as a shock to fans, as JYP Entertainment revealed in a statement that, “Sunye hasn’t left the group, and it is possible that Sunye will come back to Korea for a while during the next five years” when Sunye originally announced her plans of marriage.

In January, the artist also renewed her contract with JYP Entertainment, with a statement from the company confirming her trip to Korea. The agency revealed, “Sunye returned to Korea to see her family and also to deal with the contract renewal with us. Her visit is mainly for her personal matters.”

Source: Korea Daily