Super Junior Kyuhyun continued to be under fire for his lack of manner

Follow Kyuhyun’s incident with comedian Yang Sae Hyung, Kyuhyun is yet again under fire for his incident with INFINITE Sunggyu

Earlier, we reported that Super Junior Kyuhyun was under fire for his past interaction with comedian Yang Sae Hyung and his attitude on “Radio Star” dealing with the situation. Netizens called him immature and selfish for not only defending himself when he should be apologizing but instead attacking the comedian and making accusations.

Just one day after post went viral in Korea, another post has been going viral in questioning Super Junior Kyuhyun’s selfish and rude behavior.

Originally posted on Pann, Super Junior Kyuhyun is under fire for his past interaction with INFINITE member Sunggyu.

Titled “Kyuhyun Ignoring Infinite Member Sunggyu.JPG,” here is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

When Sungkyu and Kyuhyun were sharing a room at an overseas shooting, Sungkyu revealed that when he went back to the room to rest Kyuhyun who was on the phone asked him to leave the room for a bit because it was a private phone call. MC Kim Gura chastised him saying that if it was a private phone call that he had to take, he should have been the one to leave the room. Jokingly saying “That was your real personality showing through”.

Koreaboo has collected reactions from Netizens who commented on the original article from our Korean source. The below comments are the most popular comments at the time of this article being published.

[ +202 / -17] Sunggyu sounded like he was kind of upset… But with Sunggyu, I feel as though every time he talks on variet shows, he is very honest but nobody can hate on him.. Why is this

[ +191 /-6] That is such a wrong thing to do when two friends share a room and a friend asks the other person to leave for a personal phone call…. The person who needs to talk on the phone needs to leave the room.. What is this hahahahaah

[ +179 / -23] Do you know the incident between Yang Sae Hyung and Kyuhyun? Yang Sae Hyung went to MC for Kyuhyun’s friends wedding but because he didn’t want to ask for money to a younger person, Yang Sae Hyung decided to leave. But at the same time, Kyuhyun went late to the ATM to pull out money. Kyuhyun offered couple 50,000 won bills without an envelope in front of his own friend who is a non-celebrity. But because Yang Sae Hyung felt uncomfortable accepting money from a younger guy that way especially in front of Kyuhyun’s non-celebrity friend, he decided to reject it and asked Kyuhyun to buy some food and drinks next time. But Kyuhyun never contacted him since. But after Yang Sae Hyung brought this up, Kyuhyun, instead of apologizing started attacking him saying “oh I remember too that Yang Sae Hyung almost came late to a wedding that was at 5 PM and seemed to be hung over. My friend who was getting married was angry at me saying ‘come on I’m only getting married once, what is this?'” Yang Sae Hyung on the program after hearing this said, “oh, so your making me look like trash now?” Why is Kyuhyun tattle tailing what his friend said a year ago on the program right? I saw the wedding photo and Yang Sae Hyung came cleanly with his hair done and everything. lol!

Source: Pann