Super Junior’s Donghae makes one more SNS update prior to enlistment

Prior to entering the military today, Super Junior’s Donghae posts one of his final SNS updates as he prepares for his enlistment and celebrates his birthday. 

On one of his Instagram updates on October 14th, Donghae uploaded a photo of himself posing with the presents received from his fans. The update further came with a heartwarming caption saying, “ELF!!! I am sorry for making you lonely for 1 years and 9 month. I believe enlisting on my birthday will have significant meaning. I will leave and return with a better image. I love you, ELF. Me and Eunhyuk will come back and meet you ^^ #DNE #MaSi.” 

Donghae will be enlisting as an active conscripted policeman. He also celebrates his 28th birthday today.

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