Super Junior’s Heechul posts mysterious caption following Taeyeon’s alleged attitude problems controversy

The media and netizens alike discuss  the hidden meaning behind Super Junior’s Heechul’s latest photo and caption.

In the midst of Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon’s controversy regarding her alleged attitude problems on stage, netizens discuss the hidden meaning behind Super Junior member Heechul’s latest photo with Taeyeon, especially since the video and the controversy, along with a similar controversy back in 2011, going viral.

On July 19th, Heechul posted a photo of himself and Taeyeon with the caption, “Taeyeon with her X-JAPAN hair style. She seems like YOSHIKI. I look like Exorcist Poong Yun.” He also added hash various hash tags stating “#Kim Undulate #Undulating Brother and Sister #YOSHIKI #Poongyun.”

With various hash tags meaning having ups and downs, many netizens have been discussing whether the reference meant emotional ups and downs. As Taeyeon was criticised for her inappropriate attitude and facial expressions during her performance that day, netizens are speculating if something really had happened.

Since posting the photos, netizens have shared their thoughts and left comments such as:

[ +1,457 / -72] That is her problem. 9 years of experience? Aren’t you supposed to be apro? If you want to be treated like an elder girl group from rookies, shouldn’t you act pro at least when your up on stage? Yes there will be obstacles as you go but your getting paid and also receiving a lot of love but is it really necessary to behave that way on stage because your having a bad day? It’s 4 minutes.

[ +1,334 / -59] I don’t find it necessary for her to not smile once on a stage that is less than 5 minutes when she’ll be earning hundreds of thousands of dollars by doing so. I don’t find the reason that is so difficult to hide personal matters. Whew… I’m not an anti-fan but I’ve heard the same controversy before so I wrote this.

[ +1,165 / -54] I don’t know what she is doing not being able to control her own emotions tsk tsk tsk.

Source: Nate