Super Junior’s Heechul shares his thoughts on malicious comments left on his SNS accounts

Super Junior’s Heechul shared about his distress in malicious comments and criticisms left on his personal social networking accounts.

On February 17th, Heechul shared his thoughts on hateful comments left on his personal Instagram account. The idol star starts off his post, “While looking at the comments haha.. I see some not good and ridiculous comments. That’s why I don’t read comments.”

He continued on the post stating that, “Although I have a lot to say, I am old enough to at least look like I have matured, so I will hold back. Human beings are weird. Let’s say there are 100 supporters and only 1 insulters. But that 1 person always bothers me. Whether it is on the Internet or in the reality.. Maybe it is my greed to want be loved by everyone, or my anger, I am still confused. In relation to my personality, it’s probably closer to the latter.”

Meanwhile, he also discussed the previous incident when he had to deactivate his Twitter account and explained the reason behind his leave. To this, he revealed that, “When I left Twitter and started Instagram, I pondered a lot because I too have caused a lot of issue and controversy through my SNS… Then I suddenly thought ‘Let’s just think of this as a place where I play with my fans who likes me.’ That’s why I stopped writing anything related to the society or stories that may cause controversy like when I used mini-hompi and Twitter. This.. is that once time passes good is good and I just want live with smiles.”

In the end, he conclude his personal outburst with a hint of optimism saying, “Everyone smile. It may be thrilling to insult others, but there is no bigger happiness than smiling and enjoying your life. Have a fun happy new year and don’t forget your safety belt.”

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Source: Newsen