Super Junior’s Leeteuk recalls running into EXO while naked

In an interview for the June issue of @star1, Super Junior’s Leeteuk revealed a time when he saw EXO at a Korean-style sauna.

When Leeteuk was asked what he has been busy with recently, he responded, “I’ve been playing sports and working out everyday. Even when there is a filming, I still go after work is over. I also go to the Korean-style sauna. I usually go by myself, but I also go with SHINee’s Minho sometimes.

Leeteuk continued, “Not long ago, I was in the water pool and all of a sudden EXO’s Sehun and Suho came. I thought it was embarrassing since I was naked, so I wanted to pretend I didn’t know them.

But then things got worse for him, as Leeteuk recalled with a laugh, “But then they just had to come over to greet me! When I wanted to leave due to embarrassment, even D.O. showed up. Hahaha.

Be sure to read Leeteuk’s full interview in the latest issue of @star1!

Source: Korea Star Daily and @star1