Super Junior’s Leeteuk reveals he once found high heels in Eunhyuk’s room on “1 vs 100”

Looks like Eunhyuk has a lot to explain to his fellow Super Junior members and his fans. On October 28th, Leeteuk, who recently finished stint in the military, will appear on the program 1 vs 100, competing for the top prize of $50,000.On the day of filming, Leeteuk had lots of stories to tell, including various stories about Super Junior.  On the show, Leeteuk mentioned that, “The number one rule of our dorm is to not bring any girls in, unless they are part of our coordination team,” stating that no female has ever entered Super Junior’s dorm.

But now there seems to be an exception.  Leeteuk didn’t forget the instance where he happened to spot a pair of high heels, while inside of Eunhyuk’s room.

Though, to much disappointment, the owner of the high heels was not Eunhyuk’s significant other, but his mother, disappointing the audience’s expectation.

Other than Leeteuk, Kim Sung Kyung, who is currently the rising star of Korean variety shows, also appeared on the show to compete.

Source:  Newsen