Super Junior’s Siwon and Eunhyuk take Red Bull love shots prior to Osaka show

Siwon and Eunhyuk entertained fans around the world with their latest Instagram video update, sharing a love shot prior to Super Junior’s Super Show 6 Osaka concert, the first of three total shows at the Japan city.

Uploaded and shared via Eunhyuk’s Instagram account, the artist writes, “Ah, my throat stings #energydrink.” 

Prepared for the show wearing matching black shirts and makeup, Siwon says in English, explaining what the two members and friends will be doing, “Before going to [the] concert, we are going to [do a] one shot. A love shot.”

The two then proceeded to down their Red Bull can, linking arms in love shot style, to energize themselves for the upcoming show. While Siwon seemed to have completely finished his own can, Eunhyuk stops midway before making a face and grunting.

Super Junior is performing a three-day show at Osaka as part of their Super Show 6 tour between December 5th and 7th.

아 목구멍 따가워 #energydrink

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