“Superman is Back” PD clarifies recent misunderstanding with Lee Hwi Jae

PD Kang Bong Kyu of real-variety show Superman is Back has officially commented on a recent misunderstanding with Lee Hwi Jae.

Although it was initially reported that Lee Hwi Jae was notified to stop posting photos of his twins from the production team of the show, PD Kang has clarified the misunderstanding.

PD Kang stated, “It is true that we asked Lee Hwi Jae to avoid posting photos that can spoil our upcoming episodes. It seems like there was a misunderstanding in the message we delivered to Lee Hwi Jae and his family. Lee Hwi Jae is also sorry about the miscommunication that has happened.” 

Meanwhile, the misundertanding started when Lee Hwi Jae mentioned, “I wanted to share many of my family photos with the fans, but the broadcasting team told me not to post such photos. This is my privacy and I am quite disheartened.” 

Source: Osen