Superstar K6’s Burstered preparing for debut in February

Mnet Superstar K6’s contestant, Burstered, announced their preparation for debut in February.

On January 13th, the rock band shared their first album preparation photos on their official Facebook page.

Burstered mentioned, “Although many frequently asked when they will be able to hear our song, we were only able to give them a regretful answer to wait. But now, we can tell them that it will be soon. You only need to wait a little now.”

The netizens and fans have also expressed their excitement over the news leaving favourable comments such as “Finally their official album is coming out,” “We’ve been waiting for you,” “I hope you show the power of a rock band,” “Burstered is finally debuting,” and more.

Meanwhile, Bursterd made their first apperance on Mnet’s Supertstar K6 in November of 2014. The boys are looking forward to release a refreshing rock music to the public.

Source: Osen