Suzy treats fans with special series of selcas

Soon after hitting one million followers on Instagram, miss A’s Suzy treated fans to a special series of selcas. 

The miss A member uploaded a series of six selcas to the delight of her followers, who responded with overwhelmingly positive messages for the singer. The photos were taken from three different times, but were uploaded successively by Suzy. Sporting three different hairstyles and four different outfits in the six photos, her fans nevertheless supported the idol and praised her for her beauty.

Fan response for her recently uploaded photos include comments such as, “I love your hair ☺☺ so gorgeous“, “Finally…I’ve been waiting for your IG up dates….love love“, and “☺ so beautiful ☺“.

Suzy has taken Instagram by storm, gaining over one million followers since joining the social networking service in September. Within one hour of uploading her new selcas, each photo has gained over 40,000 likes!

Her fans truly love her Instagram updates, and with Suzy’s group miss A due for a comeback in April, the star is sure to be uploading even more beautiful selcas for her dedicated followers. If you aren’t following Suzy on Instagram yet, make sure to check her out at @skuukzky!

For now, you can check out a couple of her beautiful new selcas below: