Sweet Sorrow announces 2014 winter tour, “HAPPY END”

After releasing their June summer album, “PART 1 FOR LOVER ONLY”Sweet Sorrow has returned to celebrate the winter season with a series of “HAPPY END” concerts in Korea!On October 23rd, Sweet Sorrow announced their upcoming concert tour “HAPPY END” with a video teaser.

Sweet Sorrow, comprised of members Kim Young Woo, In Ho Jin, Song Woo Jin, and Sung Jin Hwan, is a 4 member male band that likes to delve into a variety of genres, including a cappella, jazz, ballad, and pop. They are known for composing, producing, and writing the lyrics to all of their albums’ music and songs. Their talents in songwriting and composing truly shine as they can all play more than one instrument. Earlier this September, they performed with Urban Zakapa in the “Samsungcard Select 24 concert.

The concert teaser spot introduces the concert information to fans by showing previous performances by the talented group.

Their concerts will be held on the following dates:

December 20th: 6PM, Ehwa Women’s University, Seoul

December 21st: 8PM, Ehwa Women’s University, Seoul

December 27th: 6PM, KBS Hall, Busan

December 30th: 8PM, Kyungpook National University

Fan can be sure that their harmonious voices will melt away the frigid winter cold this December.

Source: Sweet Sorrow