T-ARA to make comeback with new song, “Little Apple”

Following their promotions with hit track “Sugar Free” with several music videos from their 9th mini-album “And & End”, the 6 girls from T-ARA will soon be back with a new song “Little Apple”.

T-ARA’s new song “Little Apple” will be released on November 6th. This song will be a remake collaboration with China’s popular singers Chopstick Brothers. The original Chinese song “Little Apple” by Chopstick Brothers was released this year, which has gained much attention from both young and old, male and female in China with the lyrics and melody that make it a fun and animated trendy song. T-ARA hopes to recreate the song to be addictive with easy-to-follow lyrics that will be stuck in the listeners’ minds after hearing it once.

This is after the news that T-ARA has recently signed a multi-billion won contract to expand their activities to China. Following this, T-ARA members Hyomin and Eun Jung have started to interact with their Chinese fans by opening Weibo accounts.

On October 21st, T-ARA is scheduled to fly to Shanghai, China for a SBS MTV The Show press conference. Besides kick-starting their China tour with the Shanghai stop on December 27th, the group also intends to make appearances on Chinese TV programs, dramas, and filming for advertisements.

Besides their domestic promotions in South Korea, T-ARA is venturing internationally, as the group has also announced ahead of time that they have planned to visit Vietnam for a fan meet in 2015.

Meanwhile, a North Korean refugee has been gaining attention since her appearance on SBS Star King as T-ARA’s Jiyeon’s look-alike.

Check out the Chinese music video of “Little Apple” by Chopstick Brothers below!


Are you excited for another song from T-ARA?

Source: 10asia