T-ARA reveals more details for first domestic solo concert, “Dear My Family”

On December 1st, T-ARA released more info regarding their first ever domestic solo concert, titled Dear My Family, which will be held on December 25th.

In addition to releasing another cute picture of the group in Christmas-themed costumes, the MBK Entertainment group also revealed important dates for fans who are planning to attend the concert. As previously mentioned, T-ARA’s Christmas concert will feature only a small audience of about 1,100 in order for the girls to meet the fans in a more intimate setting, but the concert will be held two times on December 25th to accommodate the large amount of fans who want to attend the show.

To further enhance the intimacy of the concerts and thank dedicated fans, T-ARA announced that they would be having advanced ticket reservations for fanclub members. On their official Facebook status post, T-ARA wrote: “Ticket booking of the concert named Dear My Family will start with advanced reservation for fanclub after Dec.3(wed). Also, after Dec.4(thu), the ticket booking will be officially opened. We ask you interesting greatly“, and followed up by thanking all of their fans.

T-ARA released “Sugar Free” earlier this year with huge positive response and recently made another comeback with “Little Apple” featuring the Chinese duo Chopstick Brothers, which so far has also been a hit.

Post by T-ARA.