T-ARA’s Eunjung takes adorable selca with child star Choo Sarang

Return of Superman child star Choo Sarang, daughter of Choo Sung Hoon, recently caught the chance to meet T-ARA‘s Eunjung whom she took a photo with as she woke up from her nap.

On August 21st, Eunjung wrote on her Instagram account, “Sarang just woke up from her sleep, cutie. Happen to meet her at ‘Music Bank.’ This is the first time I’ve seen her and she really is like the nation’s little sister. Though it was only for a minute, I was really grateful you could take a photo with me. Pretty Sarang, I am one of your fans cheering you on. I wish you good health.”

In the photo, Eunjung is seen smiling with tenderness as Sarang – wearing a flower-like dress on – looks towards the camera. Despite having just woken up from her nap, Sarang’s cuteness still shines through.

Eunjung is currently promoting with T-ARA with their latest title track, “So Crazy.”

Source: TV Report