T.L Crow is a “Zombie Killer” in their new MV

 T.L Crow steals the scene as 1theK reveals this hip hop group’s new music video, “Zombie Killer,” complete with an animation crew.

On November 14th, 1theK released T.L Crow’s new music video “Zombie Killer,” where the members are caught in a society where everyone dresses and acts the same, similar to zombies. Breaking this trend, this group raps about how individuality is key, and encourages this by becoming zombie killers, telling people to “wake up.” Their message is visually shown with an animation crew, who, as a team, let the song’s meaning flow through them. The crew’s outfits are unique, as some are seen wearing football masks while dancing.

Throughout the song, the members switch between singing and rapping in both English and Korean. This song combines elements from three different musical genres: synthesizer sounds similar to the guitar riffs in heavy metal, a trap beat, and EDM beatboxing. The song’s producer, Koozoo Renziee, says that this song’s mixed tunes helped T.L Crow convey their message with color.

This power trio is composed of members ONE, who specializes in rapping. EFFECT KIM, known for his beatboxing and rapping, and HOON J as the vocalist.

Their single Zombie Killer has been released online on November 14th.