T.O.P cures his shyness and bares his arms for latest film

Busy from ongoing filming commitments, it seems like BIGBANG’s T.O.P is shying away from his insecurities. 

While in Germany to film for his upcoming film Out of Control, T.O.P shares a bashful update on his personal Instagram account.

For the first time in ten years, T.O.P was able to wear short sleeves, fully admitting to his shy skin exposure. Amongst the group, it is known that the rapper and actor prefers to wear longer sleeves and covers is skin as he does not like body contact, while others suggesting that it might be a mental illness of his as he is just normally shy.

Fans, on the other, previously theorised that T.O.P avoids baring his skin after anti-fans mocked him for his body appearance in the past.

The photo on Instagram was further posted with the caption saying, “Shy Shy.”