T.O.P goes on a massive posting spree on Instagram just days after opening it

BIGBANG‘s charismatic member T.O.P finally joined Instagram a few days ago, and has literally spammed all his followers with posts.

Joining the popular photo SNS website on April 19th, fans rejoiced at the news of his newly announced account…and so did T.O.P in his own way.

In over 48 hours, the BIGBANG rapper and actor has posted 101 photos on his Instagram account! T.O.P not only posted recent photos of himself, bidding fans goodnight, but also various forms of art he has seen, old photo shoots of himself, photos from the set of his solo music video, and more.

Needless to say, T.O.P is definitely enjoying running his own Instagram account.

BIGBANG is set to make their comeback soon, and will be holding their two-day comeback concert in Seoul later this week with plans to reveal their new track to their audience before its release on May 1st.

Check out some of the photos he’s uploaded below. The rest can be found at his official Instagram account (@choi_seung_hyun_tttop)

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