T.O.P has fans swooning over how adorable he was as a baby

T.O.P greeted fans a good morning with an absolutely adorable baby photo of himself.

On April 25th, the BIGBANG member posted, “Good morning! Today is the concert,” and unlike the caption, posted a photo of himself as a baby while his mother holds him.

He still has the same deep, crisp dark eyes as he does today, however, has those adorable, chubby baby cheeks that he has, unsurprisingly, lost as he grew into a man. Though only the side profile of his mother is captured in the photo, her beauty and good looks have no doubt been passed down to T.O.P.

BIGBANG held their first out of two concerts on April 26th at the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastic Stadium, where they will reveal their comeback tracks, “Loser” and “Bae Bae,” ahead of its release on May 1st.


Source: Dispatch