T.O.P shares creepy drawing of himself with “BAE BAE” concept

Netizens following T.O.P on Instagram found a scary but funny surprise on his account two days ago.

The drawing is of T.O.P in BIGBANG’s most recently released music video Bae Bae which depicted T.O.P as a bluish-green amphibian-like creature wearing human clothing.

It consisted of a bluish-green alien-like figure with amphibian features with webbed hands and scales. Where the hair should be was replaced fins of some sort. The eyes look almost alien-like and where the eyeballs are very unclear.

Fans expressed humor by commenting, “Have a good dream” or ” T.O.P oppa you’re weird” while other fans merely expressed their support for BIGBANG, especially about their upcoming June comeback that may be a “comeback battle” with 2PM.